I guess I can wait. If I really need to. I guess.

A conversation about raw honey.


shoujoface 10:58 pm
    i dunno what kind of tea to have…chamomile, i guess
    with a good glob of raw honey
    that stuff is so luscious

boyfriend 11:00 pm
    I didn’t get to have the raw honey yet ;-;

shoujoface 11:00 pm
    there’s something i learned about it that might make you not want it
    i wish i hadn’t learned it, but i’m having it anyway
    it just lead me to discard the first scoop off the top that had all the specks in it
    cause the stuff is good for you but what it is bothers me

boyfriend 11:02 pm

shoujoface 11:02 pm
    well, it’s got a bunch of stuff in it that’s filtered out in the refined honey we’re used to
    propolis, which is amazing stuff
    and flakes of bee wing i_i
    and like, wax and all that jazz
    but the bee wing
    …i know some people eat whole insects and i just ate goat and the world is basically an edible place
    but idk, it’s bothersome

shoujoface 11:04 pm
    and honey in and of itself is bee spit
    so i guess i just have to get over it
    cause raw honey has all kinds of enzymes and natural antibiotics that are excellent for health and digestion

boyfriend 11:06 pm
    Oh, you mentioned this already

shoujoface 11:06 pm
    i mentioned the bee wing?

boyfriend 11:06 pm
    no, but you did bits of wax or whatevr

shoujoface 11:07 pm
    yeah, none of that bothers me, it’s just physical flakes of bee parts is irksome
    i mean, is it to you?

boyfriend 11:07 pm
    It might be

    I think it is
shoujoface 11:09 pm
    the question is, will you still have some knowing that? cause i am but i can’t stop thinking about it the whole time
    i’m drinking this delicious and nutritious concoction that’s making me all warm and fuzzy and ready for bed but all that’s going through my head is “bee wings bee wings bee wings”
boyfriend 11:09 pm
    Well if you scooped it off the top then that’s good enough for me lol 
shoujoface 11:10 pm
    a whole bunch was at the top but there are still occasional flecks in the honey
    if you think of it in terms of FDA approval
    there is a percentage of bug parts that is acceptable in even processed foods because apparently it’s impossible to avoid
    loved learning that in my culinary science class
boyfriend 11:12 pm
    I don’t have to try very hard to not think about that
shoujoface 11:12 pm
    alright, then i guess we’re good

What I can remember of my bike ride shuffle.

The following cameraphonetograph was taken near a local community farm that’s around the corner from where I live.



Vashti Bunyan - Come Wind Come Rain

Wye Oak - Holy Holy

Buke & Gase - Split Like a Lip, No Blood on the Beard

Sufjan Stevens - I Want to Be Well

Ogre You Asshole - これから

In no particular order.

I work in a donut shop. (Image © its original owner, not me.)
Fangirling over this design. The click-through link will bring you to a flickr for another business, but the cupcake you see is from Brown Betty’s—went there on multiple occasions while I lived in Philly, and theirs was a pound cake that’s reason enough to go back.
Everything about this.
Instantly obsessed with this gallery.